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Mission Statement: “Right First Time, On Time… Every Time!”

Here at AKS Chemicals, our primary focus is on the development and production of consistent, high quality chemical products for all our customers.

Our core business structure relies on the experience and dedication of our integrated management systems that have proved highly successful for over 24 years.

Technical support and customer service is a key priority to ensuring we can achieve the right product for our customers’ requirements. We provide ‘in-house’ evaluation and testing procedures for the all the major textile processes from Preparation through to Finishing.
This level of service provides fast and effective feedback, of which, detailed Technical Reports and essential documents can be conveyed directly and rapidly through modern communication systems.

We have adopted modern Lean Manufacturing techniques to ensure our processes and products have the minimum impact upon the Environment through reduced waste and providing our customers with more efficiently produced goods of continual high quality.

Our firm foundations and years of experience within the textile chemical industry allow us to provide products and services at realistically competitive prices.

We have a dedicated, skilled team of professionals that have a vast range of knowledge of the products and services that we provide, along with the provision of ‘hands-on’ processing experience too.

Our vast range of products are based on years of experienced research and development and along with our mainstream products, we also have the ability to develop and manufacture bespoke products to suit any specific requirements. We stock a diverse range of raw materials to ensure versatility and flexibility for our customers rather than over – stocking finished goods; this allows us to provide a very responsive turn-around time from the moment your order is placed with us.

Although textile chemicals is our central area of business, our knowledge of various chemical applications has allowed us to expand and diversify into other market sectors, from commercial and domestic cleaning compounds (upholstery, carpets, hard surfaces & vehicles) through to tissue and paper applications (Softeners & anti-bacterial formulations, water repellents & many more individual applications).

Although you may have never seen it, for years our products have been globally utilised, so if you want your products to project the quality they deserve, then make sure they have AKS Chemicals’s Expertise written all over them.

At AKS Chemicals we believe in the personal touch, that’s why you’ll find our phones are answered by people and not automated systems, your enquiries will be swiftly and effectively handled to ensure your needs are met without confusion or delay.

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