Our Brands

Stabilizer Hydrogen Peroxide stabilizing products for the scouring / bleaching processes
Resin Various compounds for ‘easy-care’ finishing
Pretreatment A large range of detergents & surfactants for use in the scouring & bleaching stages of fabric preparation
Auxiliaries Various auxiliaries that supplement major processes in the scouring, dyeing & finishing areas
Dyeing Auxiliaries Auxiliaries for effective assistance during dyeing processes such as lubricants & levellers
Fliurocarbons A broad range of Finishing products from Water & Oil Repellents and Flame Retardants through to AKS Chemicals auxiliaries such as foaming agents and Stain repellents
Finishes A large range of handle modifiers from silicone softeners to polyethylene stitch lubricants
Enzyme A range of Enzymes utilized in removing starch from grey fabrics

Our Product Range

Our comprehensive range of products covers all three major areas of textile wet-processing; Preparation, Dyeing and Finishing, which can be sub-divided into more specific categories:



  • Hydrogen peroxide Stabilizers
  • Scouring & Bleaching Auxiliaries
  • Enzymes Desizing
Preparation And Dyeing


  • Sequestrants & Dispersants
Dyeing Agents


  • Levelling agents / Dispersants, Lubricants, Fixing Agents


  • Water & Oil Repellents
  • Flame Retardants
  • Handle Modifiers (Basic Softeners, Silicone softeners)
  • Stitch Lubricants (Polyethylene)
  • Easy Care Resin Finishes
Chemical Auxiliaries


  • Various products; foaming agents / anti-foams etc / Anti-pills / Phenolic Yellowing Prevention

The products illustrated on these web pages are only a selection of some that are available. If you can’t find what you are looking for or are unsure and require further technical assistance then please contact us with your processing requirements and we will endeavour to satisfy you needs.

All our products can be supported with documents such as Technical Data Sheets, Certificates of Conformity & Certificates of Analysis to reassure you of how the product should be applied and it’s assurance of quality.

Health and Safety documentation is supplied as standard upon product receipt and is kept up to date through a computerised system of indexing.

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